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11 February 2010 @ 08:12 pm
lims round one, challenge one - results  
And here are the results!... I'm sorry to see one of ou guys go, but don't worry! There will be a comeback challenge :))


estrellasdeamor with 5 votes.

People's Choice:

fulmimant8 with 4 votes.

The next challenge will be posted tomorrow - this way you will have the whole week to make your icons and the voting will be posted next Saturday.
Here are the tallies. You can check your icon number here.

Negative votes:
icon #1
> icon is overlightened and crop looks a bit awkward because it cuts off curtains and it's hard to get where are they.
> The light textures are rather distracting and the crop would be more effective if it was just a bit more wide.
> The coloring is nice and bright and rich on Ariel and Eric, but the rest of the icon kind of fades away, leaving a dull color that doesn't seem to fit the mood of the icon. The added light textures don't add to the icon, but rather distract from the central image which is Ariel and Eric.
> The textures look a bit fuzzy and out of place - they are set at awkward positions, where you focus more on them than the rest of the icon. The coloring is also a bit too light, would've been better to have either the bright textures or the bright coloring.
> The icon has nice coloring but the light spot texture doesn't really go well with the icon and is a little distracting.

icon #2
> A very high-quality icon, with beautiful coloring, but the way it gets dark toward the bottom doesn't seem to fit the general bright/happy mood of the scene.

icon #3
> The crop doesn't fit the picture, taking the focus off Ariel and Eric.

icon #4
> Though the crop is pretty good, the coloring could use more lights. Overall, this icon is too dark: maybe the iconmaker should try the levels/contrast layers =)

icon #5
> The colouring is a little too contrasting, the main characters are a little too bright.

icon #6

Positive votes:
icon #2
> The coloring is lovley - not too dark, not too light, the simplicity really adds to the beautiful mood the icon has.

icon #3
> Great crop!
> This is the only icon that used that other cap! I think the effects done are great and I like the added background.

icon #5
> The vivid colors makes the icon stand out from the others, and makes it look interesting
> I love the colouring in this icon and even though the cap is so busy, the focus is clearly on Ariel and Eric.
> The coloring is simply beautiful: rich, bright and very alive. Just like Ariel and Eric are in this scene. They are dancing, and it's her first time.
> Beautiful coloring and contrast.

icon #6
> i like the composition and colors are just so beautiful!
> Excellent use of textures and lights !
Peter, is your social worker in that horse?: Arielnaginis on February 11th, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
Yay, still in. :)

Congrats Vika!